When loneliness sets in ... when life hurts ...  when memory no longer serves ... often music can speak more eloquently than words.


I will visit your loved one at home and play a short "concert" of music for them.  It can be at their bedside, in their living room, or wherever is comfortable for them.  The repertoire will most often consist of hymns, music popular in their younger days, and, if they are veterans, their service song, and may also include classical pieces.  Between pieces, I will talk with them as appropriate and read Scripture to them if desired.  The visits are thirty minutes in length.  The cost of a one-time visit is sixty-five dollars.  Reduced rate subscription packages are also available.  Please contact me for information.


Here are samples of two types of music available:





            Amazing Grace                               Stardust

"Music touches the heart and soul of a person in a way no other venue does. It is magical in the way it brings back memories.  I have seen those who have not taken part in conversations suddenly light up and sing when hearing familiar music. When words fail, music can take over." 

     - Peggy Atkinson, former Director of Resident Services at The Meadows of Glen Ellyn


"Music was the one way that we could reach to all of our residents at Bickford.  Even the most weak and withdrawn would react when they were exposed to music.  I will never forget hearing one of our Alzheimer's residents, one who usually just sat and let the world go by, perk up and start mumbling, then full-out singing "Jesus Loves Me" when it was played at a hymn sing.  She became lively, aware, and happy.  What an awesome gift for her and for her loved ones!"

     - Beth Luther, former Life Enrichment Coordinator at Bickford Senior Living in Iowa City, Iowa

It will be my joy to minister to the needs of your loved one through the beauty of music.  Please contact me.