I love to teach!  It is so rewarding when students succeed in producing a gorgeous sound or conquering a difficult passage.  It's fun to see how thrilled - and sometimes surprised - they are at their own ability.  Students' improvements on flute build their confidence with other challenges and give them valuable inspiration for overcoming obstacles.







The private instruction I give is tailored to the individual needs and strengths of each student, covering tone production, breathing, intonation, technique, musicality and repertoire, thereby providing extra help and/or extra challenge and inspiration as needed.


I have been teaching and playing flute and piccolo in the western suburbs of Chicago for over thirty years and have extensive experience teaching beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, ages nine through adult.


I also have extensive experience coaching ensembles and leading flute sectionals.


If you are interested in lessons or would like more information, I would be happy to talk with you about my teaching philosophy and experience, to answer your questions, and to give you my references.  Please call me or use the email link at the bottom of the page.

Trio rehearsal

My students enjoy playing in ensembles, like this trio preparing for a concert.

Trying out new flutes with a former student (my son!)

Practicing with the accompanist for the

Rehearsing with the accompanist for a recital

The good acoustics in the living room enhanced the sound of our group warmup.

It was great to see the students taking leadership and cooperating in their various ensembles.

Following the MiniCamp recital in Glen Ellyn, several of us played at the Brookdale in Burr Ridge, where Jenna's Grandma and Grandpa live.

The good acoustics in the living room enhanced the sound of our group warmup.


2016 MiniCamp